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West Bengal E-Registration Stamp Duty Fees Online

West Bengal E-Registration of Title deeds and Pay Stamp duty Registration fees online @

Finance (Revenue) Department, Directorate of Registration & Stamp Revenue, Government of West Bengal was started for online web portal services for West Bengal citizens. e-Registration is a part of e-Governance initiatives taken up by Government of West Bengal under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). It is the application of electronic means, specifically Information and Communication Technology (ICT), in the interaction between the government and citizens as well as in internal government operations so as to provide document registration and related services in improved and simplified manner.  In West Bengal e- registration web portal there will be more services available.

Calculation of Benchmark value of property like Market value of Land, Market value of Land with structure, Market Value of Flat/Apartment, Stamp duty & Registration fee

How to Register a Title Deed (Step by Step guidance)?
  1. E-requisition Form for Filling a Title deed registration.
  2. Printing of E-Assessment Slip for already registered documents.
  3. E-Payment of Stamp Duty and Registration fees in Online via Net-banking.
  4. Status of E-payment done for booking and purchase of Stamp papers.
  5. Application refund if not successful registration done at SRO.
  6. Payment gateway for Stamp Duty for Non registration cases.
  7. Booking and fixing an E-Appointment for Registration of Title Deeds of property.
  8. Current Registration status of deed.
  9. Mutation status of Agriculture farm lands and plots.
  10. Download model deed to get scribbled.
How to Search for Registration of Deed in online
  • Open the home page . Go through title registration of deed link. Read the given instructions carefully and then collect all the needed documents and proofs and scan the required documents. Fill the registration form and then submit the form. There will be a option to check the registration status. Completion of deed registration form registration number will be generated
How to fill E-requisition form for getting E-Assessment slip in Wb Registration website
  1. Go through the official link and then click on the E – Requisition form filling link. Web-based e-Assessment, if generated, will be provisional one and subject to final verification by Registering Officer where the deed will be registered. e-Assessment generated is valid for 44 days only from the date of generation.
  2. District, Road Name, Road Zone, RS Plot Number and Area of the Land for Land property and Area of apartment for Apartment property. Mobile number of the applicant is to be specified. Summary of e-Assessment slip will be sent by SMS. If e-mail address is submitted by applicant e-Assessment slip will be sent to the specified e-mail address also. Name address and other details of the 1st party and 2nd party (viz. Seller and Buyer) are to be entered to generate the e-Assessment slip.


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