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Telangana GPA Registration Title Deed Documents Search

Telangana State GPA Registration & Title Deed Registration Documents Search@

Telangana GPA Search: Telangana state government, Registration and stamps department IGRS started new online web portal service  for Telangana citizens for land registrations and to calculate the Benchmark value and property purchase, sale deed preparation, Document preparation, property registration. The online web service will provide web land records, calculation of registration fee and stamp records, Market value of land, Revenue stamp papers etc. The web link is provided all the data regarding the property, list of chit fund companies, notary list every information in Telangana state will be updated.

How to find the Market value in Telangana state lands?
Go through the official link and then open the Market value link enter agriculture or non – agriculture land select district, mandal, village names and then submit the form m…

UP IGRS Property Registration Assessment Search @

Uttar Pradesh IGRS Property Registration, Assessment, Search Online website

Stamp and Registration Department of Uttar Pradesh Sub-Registrar offices in all of the state of the online registration system to be implemented. stamp duty and registration fees for the public treasury to be made ​​available through the online payment system. 25 offices in the state, more important revenue earning model to be developed as an office.  Sub-Registrar offices registered in the records of the last 15 years, the public use by indexing or scanning the records be made ​​available online and there will be one more online facility i.e Hindu Marriage Registration Rules to be promulgated and the entire state of Hindu marriage registration online system to be implemented.      
Uttar Pradesh state (UP) state was facilitate online services for UP citizens i.e Property registration and Hindu marriage registration. Now don’t want to go for registration offices for property registration. Apply…

Delhi Land Records Search ROR Registration at

Delhi Land Records Online search & ROR Registration details search at

Delhi Online Registration Information System, Government of NCT Delhi has started the e-search online web Portal to search for Search Property Details, Search District/SRO office, DDA Conveyance Deed Details, Complete search, Shifted Locality Details, District wise Data Availability. People can apply through online for Encumbrance certificate (EC).

How to Search Property Details or DDA Conveyance Deed Details?
Open the official link Go through e – search link and open the Search Property Details tab. Select District, SRO Office, Locality and then enter Registration number and select Registration year, Book number. Enter the given image and then search for property details.

How to Search District/SR Office?
Go through e – search link and open the District/SR office tab and type the locality and then search for District wise SR offices.


Telangana EC Encumbrance Certificate Online Search Download Registration Documents

Telangana Stamps and Registration encumbrance certificate EC Online Search & download Registration documents & nakals @

Registration & Stamps department of Telangana state has started online IGRS web portal service for Land registrations and to search the property details through map or details. In this website the complete details regarding the registration updates and property search and Document status has been updated day to day updates. The updates will be updated by SRO. Encumbrance Certificates of lands & property search online now. Any person with Property or land Survey numbers, Passbook Numbers. Search options include District wise, Mandal wise, Village wise. For every Encumbrance certificate 4 days time will be taken to update.

How to Search Encumbrance Certificate (EC) & eEncumbrance Statement in Online @
Open the official link through eEncumbrance…

Karnataka Bhoomi Gov Land Records IGR EC Encumbrance Certificate

Karnataka State Bhoomi Web Land Records IGR Encumbrance Certificate EC download at

Karnataka state,The Department of Stamps & Registration is the third highest revenue generating department for the Government of Karnataka with highest revenue collection. Now the KERALA State department has started new online services for registrations & ec download.

The list of online facilities will be shown below.
Market ValuesModel DeedsActs & RulesStamp Acts & ScheduleStamp Duty: ConstitutionalProvisionsStamp RulesMarriagesHow to Know the Market Value of Property through Karnataka IGR?
Registration Department, Karnataka was updated the all the District, Village Market values in Karnataka State. Users can know their property by searching with required details in official link. To know the market value of a property go through the official link and open the Market value Link. Enter District Name, SRO, Main Area/Index – II/Ward, Sub Area/Road. Click on the GO Button. The…

IGR Odisha Benchmark Valuation Registration Status

IGR Odisha Benchmark Registration Valuation, Document Status search online at

Orissa IGR Registration Wing Revenue & Disaster Management Department, Registration of property is very easy process in Odisha state. Government of Odisha has introduced new online services for Document Verification and Land Records i.e Benchmark Valuation, Document status for Land Registration and Market valuation. IGR Odisha website is changed the new website is Government intends to increase the Administrative structure and Quality of service through electronic governance.

How to Search the Market value Property or Benchmark Registration for Land?
To calculate the Market value of land or Benchmark of Land go through the official link and provide Landmark details. The process to calculate the Benchmark registration will be given below.Open the official link through the Benchmark valuation Select your District Name, Registratio…

Kerala Online Document Registration Details Entry

Kerala State Online Document Registration & Online Application details& stamp duty details @

Registration Department is one of the oldest department in the state and it touches citizens at all levels at some time or other. Registration Department, Government of Kerala was started online services for Property Registration like Land or Apartment or Plot etc. Regarding the Registration of property everything will be available in the official link Registration Department offers 3 online services for public use.
Online Application for various types of RegistrationFair Value of Land Firms & Society RegistrationIGRS Kerala Land Fair value or Market value of property. (Government proposed sale value)Download or apply for certified copies. Gahan Users Login registrationDocument Writing fees, Stamp Duty or Registration fees calculationSearching of web land data or ROR data of Kerala state. Village wise, Application wise, S…

Rajasthan Panjiyan DLC Rates Stamp Fees Search @

Rajasthan E-panjiyan DLC rates Stamp Fees Rebate E-Inspection Search for Registration @

Rajasthan: Registration & Stamps Department, Ajmer, Government of Rajasthan has started new online web portal service as a part of Digital India for rural and urban citizens in the state a new online facilities through the web portal This web link provides required in In that people have a facility to know Property valuation for citizens, Document wise fee and Rebate, DLC information, e-inspection/search, online time slot booking, Track CRN/Document status. The Department is further assisted by 114 independent Sub‐Registrars and 411 Tehsildars /Additional Tehsildars/N. Tehsildars who work as Ex‐officio Sub‐Registrars. For the functioning of the Department, the State has been assigned into 18 circles. The Department has 3 Additional.Inspector Generals, 20 Deputy Inspector Generals, Registration and Stamps (DIG), all from the cadre of Rajasthan Administra…

Bhulekh Odisha Land Records Village Map bhulekh ori nic in Search Online

Bhulekh Odisha Land Records Plot (Orissa), Village map search online

Now a days Registration of Land is a big process, under Digital India Odisha government has introduced new online Registration process for Land registration through online web portal from official link throughout the state. Market valuation or Benchmark registration is necessary from government and registration is required for all type of lands for all these purposes government has introduced the new web portal is Bhulekh web portal. The web link will be available for all the users to check the Land records and plot and Village map etc. There will be more than 30 districts, 317 Tahasils, 2413 Revenue Inspector Circle and 51660 villages registration and land records are updated in bhulekh website. Every day lakhs of peoples are using this website to get the information of required details. In that your plot will be shown in Map itself.

How to search the Land/Plot in Village Map  ROR 1B through online…